Restorative Dentistry

Whether its fixing cavities, replacing old metal fillings or providing solutions for missing teeth, there’s no problem we can’t fix. From an elaborate, full-mouth reconstruction to giving you the smile you’ve always wanted, we’ve got you covered.


The purpose of a bridge is to occupy an area of your mouth left vacant by a missing tooth, or ‘Bridge the Gap.’ They are a tried and true method to restore your smile back to whole, and have been a staple of modern dentistry for ages.  With modern materials and techniques, they are natural and beautiful!
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We offer tooth-colored composite restorations, which are strong and look fantastic. The material is safe, containing no mercury or other harmful chemicals. We also offer amalgam fillings.
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Sometimes there’s just too much tooth structure missing whether from a cavity, fracture or a big old filling.  In these cases, our doctors will recommend that tooth have a crown. Crowns go over the outside of a fractured, broken or decayed tooth to protect what’s left and ensure the long-term survival of that tooth.  Our doctors are experts at restoring a broken tooth and blending it into your existing smile so it looks like its always been there.
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Missing all or most of your teeth?  A denture or partial denture the perfect solution to problems.  We can even combine complete and partial dentures with implants to provide a stable, functional and more comfortable alternative to conventional dentures.  Have an old denture that doesn’t fit or makes chewing difficult? Ask if doctors or surgeons can convert it to a hybrid denture by retrofitting it to implants.
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Many times a missing tooth or teeth can drastically affect your smile’s appearance, taking away your desire to smile, laugh or even open your mouth for fear of unwanted attention or embarrassment. The vacant area can even have a negative impact on your ability to pronounce certain words and eat certain kinds of food. Dental implants are surgically installed prosthetic teeth that offer you a more permanent, effective and great-looking solution to missing areas in your smile.
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